Plane Faith, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit designed to promote missionary aviation and support missionary pilots while making and maturing disciples in the aviation community.

The Need

Millions of Isolated People…

…who live and die without ever hearing the gospel.

…who succumb each year to illnesses that could have been easily treated.

…who still have little-to-no Scripture in a language they can easily understand.

…who depend on missionary pilots for things we take for granted.

The Problem

Flight Training Debt for Missionary Pilots…

…who play an essential role in mission work of all kinds—Bible translation, healthcare, disaster relief, evangelism, and tribal church planting.

…who spend years in training and often amass significant personal debt to obtain this training.

…who are often kept from the mission field or leave it prematurely because of their flight training debt.

Our Solution

The Plane Faith Project

…funds Takeoff Grants and Scholarships to alleviate flight training debt for missionary pilots.

…creates Podcasts to raise awareness about missionary aviation.

…hosts Hangar Church to make and mature disciples within the aviation community.