The Plane Faith Podcast is a podcast about missionary aviation and the stories of missionary aviators who have taken seriously Jesus’s command to go and make disciples of all nations and are using airplanes to be his witnesses at the ends of the earth. The purpose of this podcast is to educate and inform our listeners about the ins and outs of missionary aviation and to encourage and inspire young men and women to consider whether or not missionary aviation is something God is calling them to. During each episode we will discuss a variety of topics related to missionary aviation and, more importantly, we will have new and exciting guests on each episode who will tell us about their experiences as missionary aviators.

About the Host

My name is Jimmy Tidmore and I am a pastor and a pilot residing with my family in Huntsville, AL. I am very interested in promoting missionary aviation and helping prospective missionary pilots reach the mission field.

I hold a Commercial Pilot’s Certificate with an Instrument Rating and like to pretend that I am going to get my Flight Instructor’s Certificate. In addition to hosting this podcast, I am also brainstorming with others about ways to train prospective missionary pilots while keeping them out of debt and thus getting them to the mission field faster.