2021 Takeoff Grant Recipient: Case Visser

Meet the Visser family. Case and Jen have been married since 2005, and are blessed with four children, Jaelee (age 15), Jill (age 13), Jase (age 10), and Joy (age 8). The Vissers have been heavily involved in their local church serving in children’s teaching and discipleship programs along with leadership positions for almost two decades, but are now being called to missions aviation. Before starting his aviation training at the School of Missionary Aviation Technology in 2019, Case partnered with his father in a small HVACR service company.

The Vissers are excited about serving with Samaritan Aviation in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Samaritan Aviation provides life saving flights to the people of the East Sepik region of PNG. Without these flights, a trip to the only hospital in the region is often days in length and not possible for many of Samaritan’s patients. Samaritan Aviation makes the flights and saves many lives of people who would otherwise be without hope. Examples of this are the many pregnancy complication flights Samaritan does that save the lives of both babies and mothers who would otherwise be too far away from the medical help they need to survive. Once at the hospital, Samaritan has a ministry to people as they recover. Samaritan Aviation saves people’s physical lives, and ministers to their spiritual lives.

The Vissers are very thankful to be chosen to receive a Plane Faith Takeoff Grant. This grant will shorten the time the family will need to spend raising support to serve in PNG, thus lengthening the time to serve together as a family. It has been a goal of the Vissers to get to the field while their oldest child Jaelee is still young enough to live with them. Case and Jen are all too aware that after not many years of service their children will be leaving them and likely moving away (back to America from PNG). This is one cost the family is prepared to pay to show the love of Christ to the people of PNG. The Plane Faith Takeoff Grant is an answer to their prayers in that it will help them to serve at least a few years together.

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