The Takeoff Grant Process


To be eligible for a Plane Faith Takeoff Grant, you must be someone who…

  1. Demonstrates a committed, personal, and growing relationship with Jesus Christ that is affirmed by others.
  2. Is active in a local church that will provide a recommendation for receiving a Takeoff Grant from Plane Faith.
  3. Expresses a conviction and call to fulfill the great commission through mission aviation.
  4. Is accepted for service by an approved mission aviation organization.
  5. Demonstrates ability to manage personal finances and debt wisely and according to biblical principles of stewardship (this includes being current on all student loans).
  6. Is a U.S. citizen.

Application and Approval Process

  1. If you believe you are eligible to participate in the Plane Faith Takeoff Grant program, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible by completing our online application form (link below).
  2. Once submitted, our grant approval team will review your application to confirm your eligibility and prayerfully make a decision about continuing the grant approval process with you. All applicants will be notified via email of this decision.
  3. If a decision is made to continue the grant approval process with you, an interview will be scheduled by a member of our grant approval team.
  4. After your interview, a member of our grant approval team will notify you of our final decision concerning your grant application.

Funding and Payments

  1. Once your Takeoff Grant is approved and awarded, Plane Faith will be ready to begin making monthly donations to your sending organization.
  2. Monthly donations will begin as soon as you are officially employed and your approved sending organization is ready and able to receive donations on your behalf.

Grant Renewal

  1. Our Takeoff Grants have been designed to provide a jump-start to new missionary pilots, and donations to your sending organization will conclude in conjunction with the conclusion of your first four-year term.
  2. Because our grants are designed to help new missionary pilots, they are not renewable for additional terms. This means that recipients must be prepared to replace the monthly donations made by Plane Faith during their first term for any subsequent terms of service.

Information Needed for Application

PLEASE NOTE: It will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete the application and it must be completed entirely once begun. Make sure you have everything you will need to complete the application before beginning:

  1. Your contact information
  2. Personal testimony
  3. Ready to affirm our statement of faith
  4. Current church affiliation including their physical address, their web address, years you’ve attended, and your ministry activity there
  5. Flight training information including dates of certificates and flight school names
  6. Post high school education information including school names, dates attended, credit hours, and degrees/certificates received
  7. Flight experience information/totals from your logbook
  8. Post high school work experience including employer names, job titles, dates employed, and job description/responsibilities
  9. Information about flight training loans including lending institutions, amounts, first payment dates, loan lengths, and monthly payment amounts
  10. Mission organization information including name, date of technical evaluation, date accepted for service, fundraising goal and progress, and expected date of official employment
  11. Four references: (1) Pastor and/or church staff, (2) lay person, (3) employer and/or coworker, and (4) CFI