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00 – Welcome To The Plane Faith Podcast

Welcome to Episode Zero of The Plane Faith Podcast. On this episode I introduce myself, tell you about the show, my motivations for starting it, and how you can help. Thanks for listening.

Show Notes

About me

  • Welcome to Episode Zero of The Plane Faith Podcast. As you heard in the opening introduction, my name is Jimmy Tidmore and I will be the host of this show.
  • I do reside with my wife and my two children—a nine year old daughter and a three year old son—in what is known as The Rocket City, Huntsville, AL. I am the pastor of a church in town and I have been a pilot since 1996 and am currently working on my Flight Instructor certificate.
  • But that’s enough about me for now, let me tell you about the show.

About the show

  • My plans for this podcast are that during each episode we will discuss a variety of topics related to missions aviation and, more importantly, we will have new and exciting guests on each episode who will tell us about their experiences as missionary aviators or as those working in support of missions aviation.
  • Most of our guests will be missionary pilots who are currently on the mission field. We will get to hear their stories and learn about the path they took to become a missionary pilot in the first place. We will discuss their training and their calling and the organization they are working with.
  • And really the stories are going to be the focus of this show. I am a pastor, and my congregation will tell you that I tend to talk a lot, but on this show I am going to go my best to get out of the way and simply let the stories flow.

So why start a show like this?

  • Well, one purpose of this podcast is to educate and inform our listeners about the ins and outs of missionary aviation, in order to bring about better awareness of what these men and women are doing around the world.
  • A second purpose of this podcast is to encourage and inspire young men and women to consider whether or not missions aviation is something God is calling them to, and to give them information about how they can begin this journey, if that is indeed where God is leading them. I want to point young men and women like that in the right direction and maybe even help them connect with folks who are currently serving in these roles and can serve as mentors to the next generation.
  • Another purpose of this podcast is to connect you, the listeners, with living and breathing men and women who are serving God in missions aviation around the world. I want to connect you with them and tell you how you can pray for them, and encourage them, and support them as they are obediently serving God in faraway places that can be very difficult places to live.

How can you help?

  • Well, right now we are still a few weeks away from releasing our first episode. As I am recording this, it is early April 2017, and I am currently lining up interviews and getting the word out, and setting up a website and so forth. But I do plan to release the first episode by the end of this month.
  • And one way you can help support the show is by going ahead and subscribing to the podcast. You can do that by going to PlaneFaith.com and heading to the Episodes page and clicking on the Subscribe button in the right column.
  • Another way you can help the podcast is by sharing it with others. I have setup accounts on Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram. Please go follow those accounts and share them with your friends. I have been very pleased with the response so far—people really seem to be interested in hearing the stories we will be sharing—but if this podcast is going to be a success and make a real positive impact on missions aviation, I need your help getting the word out. So send folks to our website, send them to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, and do what you can do, to get them to subscribe to the show.
  • Finally, one last way you can help, is by sending potential guests our way. If you know of any missionary pilots, or anyone working in support of missionary aviation, please direct them to us. I’d love to setup a time for an interview and get them on a show. I haven’t met a missionary pilot yet, who doesn’t have a great story to tell. And again, that’s what this show is going to be all about—missionary aviators and their stories.