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Big Update: Scholarships!

We have some big news to share with our Plane Faith friends today. After much careful consideration and prayer (and many, many requests), we have decided to expand our debt alleviation program by offering scholarships for prospective missionary pilots in addition to our existing Takeoff Grants.

Although the Takeoff Grants will continue to be our primary approach to alleviating debt for missionary pilots, we have determined that scholarships will allow us to help even more prospective missionary pilots. These scholarships will also enable us to create an applicant pipeline for our Takeoff Grant program.

The Takeoff Scholarships will be $2,000 a year per recipient and will be awarded to cover expenses for a typical two-term school year (i.e., Fall 2023 – Spring 2024). We will make $1,000 payments directly to the flight school/college/university each term.

However, since we are announcing and launching the scholarship program in the middle of Fall 2022, we are currently taking applications for $1,000 scholarships for Spring 2023. If you are interested in applying for a Takeoff Scholarship, please visit this page for more information and to begin the application process. Or, if you know someone who could benefit from our scholarship program, please share this announcement with them. We’d love to get their application!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support of Plane Faith! We are so very grateful and look forward to seeing how God will use these scholarships to reach remote and isolated people with the good news about Jesus. If you would like to support our ministry, please visit PlaneFaith.com/Give and make a one-time or recurring donation today.

We are Reaching the Ends of the Earth Together!

We are excited to announce that Case Visser, our first Takeoff Grant Recipient, has safely reached the mission field in Papua New Guinea with his family. The Takeoff Grant funded through the generosity of our Plane Faith partners served, in Case’s own words, as “a catapult to launch us onto the mission field from a short and difficult runway.” The grant also removed much of the unwanted financial stress from an already stressful time for the Visser family. All of this is part of our mission at Plane Faith—to get missionary pilots to the field quicker and keep them there longer by alleviating their flight training debt through our Takeoff Grant program.

As a missionary pilot with Samaritan Aviation, Case will be helping meet both the physical and spiritual needs of people living in the many remote villages along the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea. His flights will give them a chance for life not only in the here and now but also in eternity. Samaritan’s floatplanes regularly take to the sky, providing urgent medical care and air ambulance transportation to those with serious and life-threatening conditions. Thousands have heard the gospel as a result of these life-saving flights. Case is excited to get involved in this opportunity God has given him—an opportunity made possible, in part, by the generous donors to our Takeoff Grant program.

Thank you to everyone who has committed themselves to partner with us as we work to propel the good news about Jesus to the ends of the Earth. Through your partnership, we will continue to mobilize individuals like Case who have been called by God to reach some of the most isolated people on the planet.

Would you consider donating today to help us fund our next round of Takeoff Grants? Together we can reach the ends of the Earth!

Takeoff Grants Now Open To Aircraft Mechanics and Avionics Technicians

We’ve listened and have responded!

We are excited to announce that we are EXPANDING our Takeoff Grant program to now provide training/education debt assistance to Aircraft Mechanics and Avionics Technicians.

Visit PlaneFaith.com/Takeoff-Grants for more information and to apply. We are currently receiving grant applications both from pilots and aircraft maintenance personnel.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from our grant program, please share this message with them. Thank you for your partnership and support! We also appreciate your prayers!

Takeoff Grant Application Window Open

After having awarded and fully funded our very first Takeoff Grant in 2021, we are excited about opening our Takeoff Grant application window for 2022. We hope to build off last year’s success by awarding and funding two or three grants this year. If you are a prospective missionary pilot with training debt that is proving to be a hurdle for you as you seek to fulfill your calling (or if you know someone like that), we hope that you will take a minute or two to learn more about our Takeoff Grant program and how it can help. We desire to get prospective missionary pilots to the field faster and keep them there longer by alleviating their training debt and the stress that goes with it. Please visit our website and reach out to us if you have any questions. We most definitely look forward to seeing your application soon!

Learn more and apply today!

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First Takeoff Grant Awarded

We are so very excited to announce that we have approved the first pilot for our 2021 Class of Takeoff Grant Recipients! You can learn more about Case Visser, his family, and their calling to serve with Samaritan Aviation in Papua New Guinea by reading his bio here.

We are busy raising support to fully fund his grant, and are still hoping to award Takeoff Grants to one or two more applicants in the next couple of months. If you can help us financially, please visit our giving page to partner with us in our mission. If you know of someone else who might be a candidate for one of our Takeoff Grants, please direct them our way. We’d love to meet them!